Written for v2.1.0

5. Adding Colors

Let's add color to the profile we made in 2b!

Bukkit Color Codes

CustomHud supports Bukkit Color codes

Reference: Bukkit Color Codes
bukkit colors reference

Custom Colors

Use this if you want a specific color and you have the hex code for it. Just don't forget the first two digits is the opaqueness of the text.

Syntax Example
&{AARRGGBB} &{77FF4040} Coral Red (50% transparency)

To turn a normal hex color like #aa00aa, remove the #, add ff to the beginning, then surround it with &{} and you should have &{ffaa00aa}. You can make it transparency be replacing the ff with a smaller value like 88


Let's add some color to the profile we had in part 3 and 4.
We're going to be using the bukkit color codes for this.

Profile File

fps: &a{fps}
xyz: &c{bx} &a{by} &b{bz}
biome: &e{biome}

Result In-Game